We specialise in the Fashion and Beauty Sectors and love creating Glossy Launch Party Interviews, Brand Promotional Videos, Viral Videos and Style&Beauty Advertiser Funded TV programming, checkout some of our latest work below:


Blondie Media are currently in production of various new shows. If you have been considering Television Advertising or alternatively product placement for your brand via TV Sponsorship we have a variety of subject areas we are currently producing shows and formats for. Please contact info@blondiemedia.com to discuss TV Sponsorship via our product placement strategies.


Do you want to get your brand on TV? We can creatively develop a TV concept from an entertainment perspective about your product or business, which will then be pitched to all the big networks for commissioning. Hence a very small initial investment for the possibility of Maximum TV exposure for an on-going series on a household network.​​​​​

All Blondie Media productions are filmed in HD, below are a few examples of our work.